AfroTech Fest 2019

Afrotech Fest is diverse festival seeking to create intentional and alternative spaces within the tech scene. They debut, highlight and showcase speakers across different disciplines, experiences and backgrounds. And we are going to be one of the engagements at the festival. So come join us. Details of the show are below.

Love vs fear and my mother’s prayers is a dark, interactive comedy driven by web technology about choosing a partner in the modern Afro-Diasporan context. It hilariously explores the mind and fears of a quirky, lovable young woman, as she tries to make decisions on love and life while trying to stand up to her pushy religious mother’s expectations. As an audience, you will be a part of helping her rise to this challenge. So come with your mobile phones charge and come play the game of Love vs Fear.



Afrotech Fest 2019

Date: 13th April 
Time: 19:30
Running: 60mins 
Tickets: Click here