AfroTech Fest 2019

Afrotech Fest is diverse festival seeking to create intentional and alternative spaces within the tech scene. They debut, highlight and showcase speakers across different disciplines, experiences and backgrounds. And we are going to be one of the engagements at the festival. So come join us. Details of the show are below.

Love vs fear and my mother’s prayers is a dark, interactive comedy driven by web technology about choosing a partner in the modern Afro-Diasporan context. It hilariously explores the mind and fears of a quirky, lovable young woman, as she tries to make decisions on love and life while trying to stand up to her pushy religious mother’s expectations. As an audience, you will be a part of helping her rise to this challenge. So come with your mobile phones charge and come play the game of Love vs Fear.



Afrotech Fest 2019

Date: 13th April 
Time: 19:30
Running: 60mins 
Tickets: Click here


A first soldout show and happy holidays

As 2018, winds down. One of our most significant achievements was our sold out London show. And Here is what you missed.

It’s hard to believe; we are going into our 3rd year of love vs fear in 2019. We are excited for the projects we are planning. And we still can’t believe, it was all a spare of the moment decision by a female technologist and playwright of wanting to perform at the Edinburgh fringe festival that got us here and a dream of blending technology and theatre to create a new art form.
We are still on our journey, and there is a lot more learning and growth our way but looking back on the year we are grateful for what we have accomplished, and we are thankful for all the friends and family that went out of their way to help build this dream.

We are truly looking forward to the new year and what it will bring.

If you are reading this, we want to say thank you for your support. And remember nothing is truly is impossible, it all a matter of time and effort.

Happy Holidays

Coney Exchange Experience

Here at cocoabean projects, our aim is to create new ways of storytelling with the help of technology.  And Even though innovation is one of our big aims, so is the power in the stories we tell, finding that balance can be hard, so we are always up for an opportunity to tell our stories without technology to see if they stand the test. We had that opportunity recently in an amazing coney exchange workshop and we wrote an article about the experience.  Check it out and see how we did

Coney Exchange Experience


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017


The play is an interactive dark comedy that follows the thoughts of Kike as she tries to follow her heart despite pressures from her pushy religious mother and cultural differences as Nigerian in Diaspora.
What makes the play even more unique is how technology is used to make the audience feel involved and part of the story.

Unlike most plays we require your PHONES ON! but ON SILENT!


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Date: 21-26th August 
Time: 17:05
Running: 50mins 
Tickets: Click here 
Box Office: +44 (0)131 226 0000


Love vs fear and My mother’s prayers – An experimental session

Love vs Fear and My Mother’s Prayers is a new experimental interactive play still in production. The play is an interactive dark comedy that follows the thoughts of Kike as she tries to follow her heart despite pressures from her pushy religious mother and cultural differences as Nigerian in Diaspora.
What makes the play even more unique is how technology is used to make the audience feel involved and part of the story.

We would like to invite you to have a sneak peek and be part of our history.

Join us for a unique and fun evening of theatre, games and feedback touching on subjects of love, diaspora and technology in theatre.

Doors will open at 7:00 pm and the event will start promptly at 7:30 pm. Please come with mobile phones fully charged. Snacks will be provided and Drinks will be available to purchase at the bar

Title: Love vs fear and My mother's prayers - An experimental session

Venue: Waterloo Creative Studio, London. SE1 7LG

Date: 5th of September 2018

Time: 7:30pm 


Love vs Fear and My Mothers Prayers 0.1 Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Highlights

This blog post shows a brief look back at “love vs fear and my mother’s prayers“, the interactive play which we took to the Edinburgh Fringe festival in the summer of 2017.

As we prepare for Love vs fear version 1.0 this summer, we will be creating a blog series of our journey, covering all topics on the development of the play including writing and technical details involved in building the interactive play with collaboration from

But for now, please enjoy the video below of some highlights from the preparation and arrival at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival collected from the team mobile phones.





PR and Digital Marketing Opportunity

We are currently looking for a Digital marketing and PR personnel for our Edinburgh Fringe show and London previews. No prior experience is required but you must have passion for PR and marketing and willing to work hard and looking for some experience.
Responsibilities will include :

  • Managing social media accounts and managing digital relationships
  • Contributing to company image strategy
  • Contributing to show marketing strategy
  • Managing relationships with press and industry personnels
  • Handling Press related communications

The individual most be available from the 17th of July to 30th of August
If interested, please email for more information.







We are looking for the following:


If interested, please contact as soon as possible with the following:

1. A recent photo.

2. A CV document containing all the following details: Full name, email, address, mobile number & age. Plus any acting experience you have.

3. Recent reels or video of work if you have it.

Artists should live in or around London, as most practice will be held in London.

This is not a fully paid job if cast but will include a free trip to Edinburgh, food, and boarding in Edinburgh. One of the performances will be videoed and photographed for use in your portfolio.

About Us

CocoaBean Projects is a new theatre company looking to bridge the gap between technology and the arts. We will be experimenting with this for the first time with a one-week show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 21st – 26th of August. We will also be having a preview show in London this July

We are looking for that dynamic actress also new to acting looking for that breakout role; one who isn’t afraid of trying new things and who is a team player.


  • Must be available from the 19 to 26th of August
  • Must be Available one weekend mid-July (Date to be confirmed)
  • Must be available for rehearsal Thursday evening from 7-9pm practice, Saturday 2-6pm and Sunday 2-4pm from mid-June. Although we are quite flexible with rehearsal time