Cocoabean Projects is a new theatre company looking to bridge the gap between technology and the arts while telling African inspired stories.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • We Focus on the story: Storytelling is important to us and we focus on producing work that impacts the audience in a positive way.
  • It’s Interactive: one thing that makes our play unique is how we intend to make it interactive by changing scenes into a multiplayer game and allowing the audience give feedback during the play, hence making the audience feel more involved in the story, the stakes at hand, and the character’s dilemma.
  • It’s innovative: breaking the fourth wall with technology is a new concept in the theatre space; and something our company is all about by making our production an interactive experience for the audience with the use of mobile phones and visual graphics.
  • Our Technology Stack: One technology we are excited about using the P5JS library, which is a JavaScript library built with the aim of making coding more accessible to artists. We will also be using web sockets technology for providing our audience with our interactive multimedia content.